Woodland Flowers


I like hiking though the woods on a sunny, Spring day.  It feels good to be outdoors and walking the trails and creek beds of a protected wildlife area this time of year. After a long winter it is rejuvenating.  At first, my gazing around is open wide taking in the general sites and sounds of the landscape.  I start looking for the small stuff but it takes me awhile to see what is actually all around me. Spotting my first Trout Lilly in partial bloom, I kneel down to take a closer look.  I take several shots with a 100mm macro lens with ring flash attachment, then pause to look around.  I can see them now pushing up past dead leaves and lichen-covered branches.  They are all around me.  Then other small beauties begin to appear.  Tuned-in now, I am ready for an enjoyable day of macro photography.  Care to help with some of the identification?

A Walk in the Woods