Brad Matthews

Photography and Visual Art


Light is an important  element in my life.  It has multiple meanings for me that range from an ongoing spiritual quest to the everyday need for visually sensing the world.  Like most painters and photographers, I love to be out in the early morning and late afternoon when the interplay of light and shadow transform the ordinary into something magical.  Who has not gazed out upon a beautiful landscape, a sun-streaked coastline, a delicate flower, or an urban scene and at the right time of day thought (if only momentarily),  “that is a pleasing sight.”

Some say that that timing is everything.  While others implore us to take the time necessary to do something well, to plan, to reflect, to renew.  Good photography is the result of both.  An amazing vista changes over the course of a day.  Soft and inviting in the morning light,  it turns flat and bland in the mid-day sun before changing into a warm and colorful image of light and shadow by early evening.  Light with its amazing ability to be reflected or absorbed provides us with an almost infinite array of colors and hues that give us a sense of depth and a temperature of surroundings.

As an artist and photographer, I am constantly in search of light that transforms.  I want the viewer of my paintings and photographs to stay awhile, to explore the subtle nuances and details, to follow the patches of light and dark that lead to different areas, and to wonder about something revealed but not seen.  Welcome to my world.  I hope you can stay awhile to explore, to reflect, and to enjoy the images that I have captured for you as allowed by the grace of God.


In Search of Light